Scribam et ego Mundo

Hellooooo world!

Hellooooo world!

Welcome to my blog! There are many like it, but this one is shared!

Welcome to Generation Marmalade!

A couple years ago, I was told to get lost, get a life and disappear forever. Well, I did just that. I got lost in a variety of places. Concerts, crowds, forests, deserts, lands of fire and lands of ice. Then I lost my life, then regained it and lost it again, simply to have it find me once more. As far as the disappearing act goes? Well, that’s going to have to wait until much later, but it’s in the works!

When I started my personal blog, I was onto something. A lot of people love my writing and the variety of projects I’m working on. I don’t post as much as I should and the ratio of published works to drafted pieces that I have on my blog are something like 100 published words to 5000 written words. It’s a pretty ridiculous ratio, really, considering how many people come through my blog per DAY.

The Imperfect Format

Unlike my website, I’ll be handling this blog in a different manner. I shall be posting shorts, poems, videos even, of not just my works, but of other people as well. Currently, I can’t name any names, as it’s all still in beta, and as much as I’d love to put out a piece of work out each week, or at the very least, each month, the truth is I can’t. Writing isn’t just about putting pen on paper and organizing it until it happens to be good. Writing is a very difficult art and I hold myself to standards that are just unrealistic. As hard as I try, I can’t just spit something out and it’s great. I need time to culture my writing, topics and experiences so that I can reflect that upon others so that they too, my readers at least, feel what I felt when I wrote said pieces.

These topics will vary. There will be poems that were written on a piece of napkin while at the bar, to stories written while at home drinking brandy. Thoughts on a bus, philosophy with a pastor or a debate with oneself. I’ve met a huge variety of writers and as many times as I try to write more, I’ve learned that I’m better at collecting work and putting them out for the world to see that I am at creating my own pieces of art, be them poems, shorts, thoughts on a recorder or a drawing on a receipt.

Writers All At Once

Just like my blog, at least until I can get more writers on here, it’ll be once in awhile that this is updated. I’ll reflect all of my posts from my blog on here until I feel I can keep my shorts and thoughts separate from my topic heavy posts on my website. So, for now, this post is going to be used mostly as a holder and a few of my posts from my personal website will be reflected here.

really hope you guys enjoy the new writers I present onto this site!

– J.R. Diego

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